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Oxygen Bleach

GNLD recognised that the range of GNLD's excellent laundry compounds, cleansers and soaps would not be complete without one product to give that extra boost towards sheer bright whiteness... the kind of dazzling white only oxygen bleach can produce. The result was GNLD's Oxygen Bleach.

Oxygen Bleach is a storehouse of one of nature's strongest natural cleaning actions, known as oxidation. When the ingredients in Oxygen Bleach come into contact with the soils on clothing in the hot wash water environment, the oxygen which is bound up in the product is released. This oxygen actually seeks out and attacks stains and soils, chemically destroying them at the molecular level and breaking them free of the fabric and into the wash water.

Unlike chlorine bleach, the cleaning reactions of oxygen bleach take place between the bleach and the soils and stains and not the fabric itself. This means that oxygen bleach is easier on fabrics and safe to use on all permanent coloured fabrics.

Unlike chlorine bleach, Oxygen Bleach actually boosts the detergent power of laundry powders contributing to the overall cleaning, as well as brightening and whitening.

Use Information

Use 30 grams per wash load or half G1 scoop, add to the G1 wash cycle or separately in the bleach section of your machine.

If washing by hand do not put the Oxygen Bleach powder directly onto fabric, as this may cause bleach out spots. Pre-dissolve the bleach and add it to the wash water.