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Super Gro

Super Gro helps you make the most of water - water, one of the basic fundamentals of life itself. Water, good quality water, is an issue of such importance that governments, states, provinces and major suburban areas around the world have created agencies to ensure its long-term availability.

Super Gro

As our global population grows, water will become an even greater concern. Drought or otherwise, we should always try to get the most efficient use from water.

Size Availability

250ml, 5 litres


GNLD’s Super Gro acts as both an adjuvant and a surfactant, by reducing the surface tension of water in addition to acting as a wetting agent.

Adjuvants are agents designed to aid in substances’ action. GNLD Super Gro helps make water “wetter” by reducing its surface tension. It may seem contradictory, but water does not always “wet” very well. Often it tends to bead up on the waxy surfaces of plants, lawns and gardens, and before it has a chance to penetrate, it runs off or evaporates. GNLD’s Super Gro helps conserve water. It tends to increase the rate at which water penetrates common soils.

Surfactants are wetting agents that are used in several ways:



GNLD’s Super Gro is an excellent surfactant, when manufacturer’s recommendations are followed.

1ml (20 drops) per 1 litre water
5ml (1 cap) per 5 litres water
100ml per 100 litres water


Many people underestimate the importance of water, and take it for granted. Apart from washing clothes, dishes and taking showers and baths, almost everyone has at least a few plants or shrubs around their home.

Consider the difference between a room full of luxurious plants, and one without greenery at all. Healthy, green and growing plants give up a feeling of pride, warmth and, surprisingly, a feeling of security. They also provide one of our most important elements - oxygen, one of the by-products of photosynthesis.

Super Gro from GNLD helps you make the most of water - water, one of the basic fundamentals of life itself - for without water’s life giving force, no living organism can survive, let alone grow.

Super Gro - Technically Speaking

In Spring, the wondrous season of rebirth, the seeds of yesterday become the life force of tomorrow... This is the season for planning and planting our gardens, landscaping our yards, ploughing our soil, and starting fresh with the new miracles of nature...

Vital to Nature’s miracle is water... for without water’s life-giving force, no living organism can survive, let alone grow. The importance of water is most easily seen in the growth of plant life. In order to keep plants alive and healthy, it is imperative that water penetrates the soil and be absorbed by the root system.

Super Gro is an adjuvant

Adjuvants are agents designed to aid in a substance’s action. In the case of water, adjuvants make water wetter.

Under normal conditions, water will form small beads on plants, lawns, and gardens, and will not spread evenly. This is due to its surface tension, a kind of “skin” that holds the shape of the water bead intact.

Super Gro’s formula helps to conserve water by reducing its surface tension, thus making it wetter. It also helps water (and many agricultural aids it may be carrying) to penetrate the soil faster and more evenly.

Many areas of the country suffer from a soil condition commonly referred to as “hard pan”. This condition exists where the soil gets so tightly packed and dry that water soaks into it very slowly. This can result in substantial water loss due to run-off and evaporation.

Super Gro makes it easier for this and other soils to absorb water. That means less water is lost due to run-off or evaporation. That’s important whether you are a farmer or a suburban gardener, or even a houseplant lover. Super Gro maximizes the benefits you get from your watering efforts.

Super Gro is a surfactant

Surfactants are wetting agents designed to increase the effectiveness of agricultural aids by improving plant coverage and absorption. By helping to penetrate the wax and air film build-up on the surface of the plant, Super Gro helps the agricultural aid do its job more effectively.

With Super Gro, more water (and the agricultural aids it carries) gets to the part of the plant where it is most needed.

Super Gro is an excellent surfactant and can be used with such agricultural aids as plant foods, herbicides, liquid fertilizers and insecticides. Super Gro has been shown to have greater penetrating action than most of the commercial wetting agents on the market today.

Surfactants are used in several ways:

As emulsifiers - to disperse oils

As wetting agents - to lower surface tension and dissolve powdered agricultural aids

As stickers - to cause agricultural aids to stick to leaf surfaces

As dispersing agents - to reduce adhesion between particles of agricultural aids so they will spread and remain in solution.

Super Gro allows you to make better use of the water you provide your plants, vegetables, flowers and lawns. Super Gro makes water wetter by overcoming water repellancy, helps to increase the rate at which water penetrates the soil, while simultaneously promoting maximum water utilization by reducing run-off and evaporation. Super Gro reduces dry spots by permitting more uniform penetration.

Super Gro - there’s nothing else quite like it. Farmers, suburban gardeners, even urban homeowners with yards to take care of, will enjoy its benefits. This season, with soil, sun, water and Super Gro, you can grow plenty of fresh, richly-flavoured vegetables for your family and perhaps even have enough left over to share.

Super Gro - Science, Nature and GNLD working together for you.