A delicious, protein rich drink mix, which provides high quality nutrition for the entire family. Nutrishake is a milk and soya based protein food which contains all 22 amino acids, in the balanced ratios your body needs.

High protein supplements have always been a great idea, but now more than ever. Many of the traditional family favourites we’ve counted on for our daily supply of protein are high in fat and cholesterol which have been linked directly to negative threats to our well-being. So, today we’re cutting down on eggs, red meat and dairy products. These are good dietary practices, but, at the same time, we may be cutting down on our intake of valuable high quality protein which could result in a protein deficiency.

What we need is a high protein food source that’s low in fat and cholesterol. High protein drinks would seem to be the perfect answer, but they have a chalky texture and a funny aftertaste that many people find unpleasant, especially kids. No matter how good it is for our bodies, if we don’t like it, we probably won’t drink it. And, if we don’t drink it, it won’t help us.

Nutrishake is for Everyone

Nutrishake is protein the whole family will love. Yummy and smooth in three delicious flavours - vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

Nutrishake was developed specifically for families. GNLD wanted a protein drink that every member of the family would look forward to each day; a protein drink so quick and easy kids would stir it up for themselves; a protein drink that would supply a balanced abundance of all 22 amino acids the body needs each day, along with important amounts of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrient factors. GNLD achieved all this and more in Nutrishake.

Great taste, super convenience and a high quality source of protein make Nutrishake perfect for every family, every day. Mixed with lowfat milk, it’s a low kilojoule way to obtain protein, plus important vitamins and minerals. Nutrishake in the mornings provides sustained energy to help avoid a midmorning slump. In the afternoon, it’s a nourishing midday lift at work or afterschool snack to replace high-kilojoule sweets and snack foods.

Nutrishake flavour variety offers some fun choices, too! Mix Strawberry or Vanilla flavours in orange juice and pour over ice for a refreshing drink!

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