Carpet Glo - Carpet Shampoo

The Secrets of Carpet Care:
A good carpet shampoo must be able to produce a great amount of “dry” foam which can penetrate and dissolve the dirt. It must not be absorbed and be allowed to penetrate into the bottom of the carpet since this could result in damage to the carpet. Obviously it must not be allowed to adversely affect the fibres or colour of the carpet either. Carpet Glo fulfils all these requirements and gives the excellent care needed to maximize carpet appearance and functional life.

Features & Benefits

Size Availability

Three Basic and Easy Steps to Clean Carpets

Special Notes Before Cleaning

Very Important: Carpet Glo can be used for most popular carpet materials. However, certain carpet manufacturers use colours which cannot tolerate the cleaning procedure. Therefore you should always test Carpet Glo in a small inconspicuous corner of the carpet and you should carefully ensure that there is no discolouration or removal of the colour. We recommend that this test should be done the day before so that the carpet has a chance to dry completely.

Directions for Use

Washing by Hand

One part of Carpet Glo mixed with 40 parts of water.

To Clean Carpet

Cleaning Upholstery on Furniture, etc.

First check any special recommendations by the manufacturer/seller.

For Carpet Shampoo Machines

1 part of Carpet Glo mixed with 30 parts of water.
Observe the manufacturer’s instructions.
Carpet Glo must not be used in carpet shampoo machines where the shampoo is not allowed to create foam.

Other Uses

Windows, mirrors and chrome cleaning.
A few drops of concentrated Carpet Glo in a spray bottle with water is excellent for washing windows, mirrors and chrome.
Leaves them shiny, spotless and streak-free.
Note: Do not make the solution too strong as streaks may appear.