Beta Guard

The increasing presence of toxic chemicals in our environment increases the risk of life-threatening challenges. GNLD’s Beta Guard offers nutritional protection. Its synergistic blend of antioxidant and detoxifying nutrients helps the body neutralize and metabolize toxic materials.

Why a Nutritional Supplement to Protect against Environmental Toxins?

Why GNLD Beta Guard?

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The Beta Guard Story

We Live in a Sea of Toxic Chemicals

Motor vehicle exhaust. Industrial pollution. Smog. Fumes from paint, cleaners and hairspray. Smoke from barbecues, cigarettes and fireplaces. Water tainted with pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, heavy metals and chlorine compounds. Food containing residual chemicals and artificial additives.

Today, pollution is everywhere and it has become a primary threat to our overall well-being.

Of all the aggressive threats to our well-being encountered by the American Cancer Association, they estimate that about 80% are either directly or indirectly related to chemicals and other toxic agents polluting our environment. Although some pollutants are no longer actively used, they will probably never be gone from the environment. We are exposed to more and more chemicals each year.

Pollutants increase our risk for cancer and other illnesses, including heart disease, kidney disorders, emphysema, anaemia, and liver disease.

Indoors or Out, the Air We Breathe is Cause for Alarm

No one can choose NOT to breathe... and this crucial element is difficult to control. Outdoors, our air is filled with the exhaust of millions of cars and other vehicles, factories and power plants. Air quality evaluations are now routine in most major metropolitan areas, complete with ”smog alerts” when pollution is severe enough to warrant staying indoors if you are elderly, very young, or suffer from asthma or other breathing difficulties.

Unfortunately, indoor air isn’t any better... and may even be worse. Inside modern buildings, air pollution can accumulate, combining outside pollutants with additional chemicals from indoor sources. Chemicals may “gas off” from building materials such as plywood, wallboard, carpeting and even furniture. Additional chemicals can enter the air from paint and varnish, strong cleaners, floor and furniture polish and wax, and personal care products such as hair spray and nail polish remover. Other sources of unwanted chemicals include barbecues, fireplaces, heating systems and tobacco smoke.

The risks are so significant that many researchers see indoor air pollution as a significant health hazard.

Impure Food and Water Pose for Challenges

Our food and drinking water may contain residual pesticides and other agricultural chemicals or other undesirable contaminants. Most modern processed foods contain preservatives and other man-made additives.

Like water overflowing from a rain barrel, these chemical assaults can combine to overwhelm the body’s natural defence mechanisms and set the stage for serious challenges to the body.

Your Solution to Pollution? GNLD's Beta Guard!

An expert in the field of understanding how toxins affect our bodies, Dr. Arthur Furst developed Beta Guard to answer his personal and professional concerns regarding the escalation of toxic assaults to our environment.

The result of Dr. Furst’s expertise and ongoing scientific research is Beta Guard, a blend of antioxidant and detoxifying nutrients which work together to help the body neutralize and metabolize toxic materials.

Antioxidants: Defence against Free Radical Damage

Many pollutants do their damage by increasing oxidative attacks on the body’s cells, causing damage that can set the stage for destructive challenges to develop. These antioxidant nutrients have been shown to play active roles in protecting delicate body tissues.

In addition, Beta Guard contains vitamin C and vitamin E from natural plant sources to provide antioxidant protection for both the watery and lipid portions of cells, respectively.

Detoxifying Nutrients Help Protect Against Pollutants

Beta Guard provides the B-vitamins niacin, pyridoxine (B6) and cyanocobalamin (B12) to help detoxify foreign substances inhaled or ingested.

Zinc works to protect the body against the effects of toxic heavy metals including mercury and cadmium. Cadmium is one of the most poisonous elements in our environment. It can inhibit the function of many of the body’s enzymes.

In addition to zinc, Beta Guard also supplies selenium, an important trace element required by the body to defend against heavy-metal poisons such as cadmium, mercury and lead.

GTF chromium is included in Beta Guard because it boosts body defences. Other active ingredients are also present in Beta Guard to help the liver detoxify food additives such as artificial colouring agents and other harmful chemicals.

Beta Guard is GNLD’s exclusive formula developed to support the body’s natural ability to counteract the harmful effects of toxic pollution. This type of protection is important to all of us, but becomes crucial in highly polluted industrial and metropolitan areas.